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Get Rated on MyPhysiotherapy

Getting Your Physiotherapy Clinic Rated

Each listing in the database is enabled to get rated by our users in a scale of Excellent to Poor. If your clinic is currently listed in our directory and you have a Web site, you can set up our rating system on your Web site by simply cutting and pasting a few lines of HTML code. Our rating system comes in 4 different styles. Please choose one and customize it for your site as you wish.

In order to set up the rating system, you need to have your clinic ID number to insert into the HTML code below. Simply replace the YOUR_ID in the HTML code with the ID number for your clinic.

If you have forgotten or don't know your ID number, please enter your clinic title or contact name in the database search box below and perform a search on our database. Hover over your clinic title and you will see a URL in your browser status bar with ID=YOUR_ID.

Enter Keyword(s):

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Note: For each style, feel free to change the table, font color and styles to match your website.

Style 1 - Plain Drop Down Menu

Example Output
Rate our clinic @

Style 2 - Radio Buttons

Example Output HTML Code
Rate Our Clinic @
Very Good

Style 3 - Drop Down Menu

Example Output HTML Code
Rate Our Clinic @

Style 4 - Text Link

Example Output HTML Code
Rate Our Clinic!